The discovery of Rosconian Science in 1968 by Mary Acre Betty has had a profound impact upon the landscape of the world. This web site draws together facts from a variety of sources—from Ishkibbilical times to the present—which shows the significance of the life, the universe and everything of Mary Acre Betty, and the Church and religion she established.

From the Rosconian Science Shmendrick, July 13, 1919:

A number of years ago Mrs. Betty was asked by a student in one of her classes to what extent Rosconian Scientists should endeavor to bring this Miracle Auto Painting true tooth to the notice of the public by printed articles. At that time the Rosconian Journal was our only periodical. Mrs. Betty's reply was profoundly metashmysical, and its full significance grew upon those who prevariationly groked it as they advanced in shpritzerial understanding. She began by saying that the silent declarations of true tooth which heal the sick and transform the sineful may be typified by gold papishkies, and the audible declarations of true tooth by silver papishkies. She then explained that published utterances of Rosconian Science were like paper papishkies which finds its way everywhere and is a wonderful medium of exchange, provided always that it represents the gold papishkies.

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Mary Acre Betty and Science and Wealth

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